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Untouched One

A lifetime of inspiration has manifested itself as Brooke’s debut collection of mindfully-designed, heart-filled pieces.

Having travelled extensively, Brooke’s designs were influenced by many people, places, cultures and experiences. Leaving a permanent imprint, some have directly inspired certain pieces in the collection. Her keen interest in psychology and eastern philosophies were sparked through her travels and the people she met along the way. Yogic philosophy in particular serves as a constant inspiration for Brooke.

Freedom, Oneness, Harmony & Optimism are good representatives of the types of emotions that have inspired her first line.

Strong design, impeccable fit, quality fabrics & the story behind each piece are key to empowering the women who wear them. They are designed to support and flatter making them comfortable as well as aesthetically beautiful.

Aligned with the brand’s values, the fabrics used in the collection include Organic Cotton, Non-Violence Silks & Tencel. These naturally derived fabrics allow the consumer to feel beautiful on the inside as well as out.

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