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Kindred Two

Brooke’s second collection stems from her exploration of likeness between all things.
In our most simple form all people, nature and things are one and the same.
The vastness to which pure energy expresses itself intrigues and awes Brooke and she plays with this concept while designing KINDRED 2.

The fabrics alone tell a story from seed to garment and we ensure that they are created with respect for the earth and it’s people at each step. The custom print is inspired by the notion of uniting cultures. Brooke believes in a world of oneness and would like her designs to be an expression of this.

With a strong focus on fit and quality Brooke always keeps her woman in mind and the collection caters to their need for ease of wear in unison with self expression.

Each piece offers its wearer just the right amount of support and mixed with just the right amount of playfulness that is found in the Brooke Da Cruz woman.

In alignment with our brand values, the fabrics used in the collection include Organic Cotton, Hemp, Non-Violence Organic Silks & Tencel. These naturally derived fabrics allow the wearer to feel beautiful on the inside as well as out.

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