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What sustainability is to the Brooke Da Cruz label

What sustainability is to the Brooke Da Cruz label

Hey Beautiful Peeps,

Firstly I want to extend a huge welcome & thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have already signed up to be a part of the journey that is Brooke Da Cruz the label & who are reading this message <3.  It is the first of many to come and I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing our world with you!

Since introducing our brand this year on social media I have been repeatedly asked what having a sustainable and conscious ethos means to me. 

This is a great question as sustainability can mean so many different things.  In the fashion world and the consumer goods marketplace in general, it is a very complex topic.  After deciding to be a sustainable brand it comes down to a prioritization of your values and what is most important to you. It is impossible to be 100% sustainable as a fashion business – creating any product and shipping it somewhere means leaving a footprint.  So I thought in this initial message I would share the way I have chosen to operate in terms of sustainability and ethics and why it is important to me. 

I didn’t start up the label to be first and foremost an ethical/sustainable company; we are design-led however my own values naturally drive the decisions made when it comes to choices of materials and company practices.

I love creating and how clothes can make you feel.  I truly believe that how people present or express themselves through their appearance has such a strong connection to how they feel on the inside and I would love everything about our pieces to be beautiful from the aesthetic to the feeling they bring to the wearer and how they are produced.

For us this means simply creating our garments whilst having as little impact on our Earth’s resources as possible, designing with versatility and timelessness in mind & ensuring that everyone who plays a role in the creation of a Brooke Da Cruz piece is treated fairly and with respect.

The fabrics used so far are Ahimsa or "Non-Violence" Silks, Organic Cotton, Tencel & Hemp.  We source these directly from the mills in India were these particular manufacturers are truly passionate about what they do and the causes they are individually working for.  They are continually developing new ways to make their fabrics more eco-friendly & beautiful quality as well as really caring about their local communities and their impact on people and planet. 

Our fabrics are woven either by hand woven or solar powered looms and our main supplier is a carbon neutral facility.  We use natural GOTS certified dyes (global organic textile standard).

Our 2 garment manufacturing facilities are both certified fair trade.  I work inside both of these studios for months at a time were I have been lucky enough to gain some beautiful new friends in the staff.  At the main production unit they have a strong focus on training the women up to be able to fill the most qualified positions which have traditionally only been available to the men.  They are also working towards becoming a zero waste factory and at the moment fabric waste is recycled and made into notebooks among other things, creating employment for the women in the local community.

I look at every aspect of the business from the swing tags to the garment components and the people involved along the supply chain and am simply aiming to have the least impact on our Earth’s resources as well as equality for everyone involved. 

Fabric sustainability innovations and practices are constantly evolving and I will do my very best to grow my label with integrity and care.

I would absolutely love to hear from you about what is important to you when shopping and feel free to ask me any questions – I will endeavour to get answers to you asap!  Our mission is to create a product that enhances the life of everyone who’s hands it touches from the farmer growing the cotton seeds to the wearer of the special piece – so please let me know what you would like to see from me J

Big Love Always