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The Nuwa Dress



Available in luxurious Peace or Ahimsa Silk as above or a versatile Tencel fabric as below.


This dress has class and edge toped off with a perfect fit that is adjustable to fit your unique body.  The centre bust tie allows for just the right amount of bust support and hugging that you like.

You can get the Peace Silk Dress in Burgundy, Nude or Black

Peace or Ahimsa Silk 

  • Unlike conventional silk production, the silk worms can hatch out into freedom and become butterflies – saving about 2000 butterflies per dress
  • Same luxurious lustre as conventional silk
  • Smooth & Soft on skin
  • Breathable 
  • Beautiful drape
  • Hypoallergenic – good for sensitive skin

The Tencel option is available in our custom dual print, black, white or grey. 


  • Uses just half an acre to grow 1 tonne of Tencel fibre, whereas cotton uses 5X that
  • CO2 emissions from producing 1 tonne of: Tencel = 1.1, cotton 3.1 & Polyester 5.5 tonnes.
  • While other botanic fibers such as bamboo are often manufactured with a concoction of harmful chemicals, Tencel uses only a single organic and biodegradable solvent during its 100% non-toxic “closed-loop” manufacturing process
  • Tencel requires no bleaching or any other chemical processing during production
  • Breathable & extremely soft
  • Higher wrinkle resistance
  • Durable
  • Drapes nicely

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