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Brooke's Go To Conscious Fashion/Lifestyle Podcasts

There’s something liberating about implementing small changes to your lifestyle in aid of creating a healthier and more positive environment for us all.

Knowing that the right people are being fairly compensated for their work in producing the t-shirt that I wear and that the fabric is made from a sustainable option makes me feel a bit better knowing I can play a small part in a revolution with these simple choices.

I am passionate about being as Ethical and Sustainable as I possibly can when creating my collections, and this has inevitably leaked over into everyday life.  Being mindful of your impact on the world is a small habit for one person that in numbers can mean great positive change for our entire planet.

I’d love to share with you 5 of my Favourite Fashion/Sustainability/Lifestyle Podcasts to help you stay in the loop and hear about the impressive things that the wider community are doing and what you can do to make a difference.  Whether you are a serious eco-fashion devotee or are just curious to see what all the fuss is about these shows are a great way to get informed and get your brain ticking about what all of our decisions actually mean for the wider community.

My Go To podcast:

  • Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press (Vogue Australia’s Sustainability editor):

Clare is a trailblazer in the eco-conscious fashion community and enthusiastic about anything to do with sustainability and ethical fashion. She interviews thought leaders to analyses deep issues in the industry & society. This podcast will bring to light the problems with fast-fashion, why slow-fashion is increasing in popularity & what you can do.


  • Conscious Chatter by Kestrel Jenkins:

This is a sustainable fashion podcast that looks deeply into every aspect of the fashion industry. Kestrel interviews the doers and shakers within the industry showing why “what we wear matters”!  You’ll get to know new brands and places to shop that you can trust are looking out for our planet and a tip from each interviewee on how you can play your part in the movement.


  • Spirit of 608 Podcast by Lorraine Stewart (Fashion Journalist):

This podcast is all about F.E.S.T, covering everything Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability & Tech. Lorraine interviews successful businesswomen in the fashion industry who share tips and advice for success in sustainable lifestyle and business.


  • Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart:

Although not completely fashion focused, Alexx covers a lot of topics around sustainability, recycling and reusing, vegan/health food recommendations, ethical fashion, farming, lowering our toxic output and overall happiness. It’s a relaxed and inquisitive approach to looking at more eco-friendly choices to incorporate into our lives.


  • American Fashion Podcast by Charles Beckwith
For the fashion addicts especially those of you within the industry this is a gem of insight.  Although not necessarily focused on sustainability you get a great insight into the industry and how things run!


Bonus Podcasts for all of you with the Entrepreneurial Spirit!

  • Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn)

This is another go to for me that gets your brain buzzing with idea’s – if you run a business or are interested in starting one, here you find a plethora of strategies and insight into the world of start up’s!


  • The Tim Ferris Show by Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Work Week.  In his podcast he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use.  This includes favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.

Podcasts are one of my favourite ways to proactively fill time in transit or if you can manage allocating any spare time to these it’ll well worth your time!

Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations of any other great podcasts please do let me know!  

Big Love Always

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